Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Scheduling Workflows on Cloud Computing Platform Consisted of Multicore Computers Regarding Time and Cost    Ph.D    Deldari, Arash    2014-02-08
2    A method for self-configuring a cluster of virtual servers to reduce power consumption    M.Sc.    Bagheri, Omidreza    2014-05-17
3    Traffic-Aware Virtual Sensor Placement And Migration In Sensor-Cloud Networks    M.Sc.    farazestanian, farahnaz    2014-09-14
4    Fact Extraction from Persian Context as RDF Format    M.Sc.    Fadaee, Tooba    2014-09-14
5    Scheduling data-driven workflows in multiple-cloud environment    M.Sc.    Soezy, Nafise    2014-09-21
6    Resource Management based on the Quality of Services in Ubiquitous Cloud Environments    Ph.D    Salehan, Alireza    2014-10-18
7    Opinion mining in Persian language based on extracting and matching sentences sentiment patterns    M.Sc.    asghari, seyed muhammad    2014-10-19
8    virtual sensor management in sensor-cloud networks    M.Sc.    alizadeh, atefeh    2014-10-22
9    Assessing the Interlinking of a Linked Dataset based on RDF Graph Metrics    M.Sc.    Yaghouti, Najme    2014-12-01
10    Mining Optimal Execution Trace from Event Logs    Ph.D    Pourmasoumi Hassankiadeh, Asef    2014-12-10
11    Determining Beta-Sheets Topology in homologous proteins by Constructing Structural Consensus    Ph.D    dehghani, toktam    2014-12-25
12    Reliability and makespan Improvement of Hardware Tasks in Reconfigurable Platforms    Ph.D    Ramezani, Reza    2015-01-10
13    Enhancement of Fair Scheduling Multi-workflows on Cloud    Ph.D    Rezaeian, Amin    2015-01-23
14    Distributed Scheduling of Reconfiguration Task in Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks    Ph.D    Neamatollahi, Peyman    2015-01-23
15    Dynamic pricing model based on two-sided auction on cloud computing    M.Sc.    shakiba, hussein    2015-01-31
16    A Thermal-aware Execution Model for Parallel Skeletons in Multicore Computing    Ph.D    Moradi, Morteza    2015-03-04
17    presenting a call admission control system based on voice quality parameter and blocking rate    M.Sc.    mansoori boroujeni, hooman    2015-05-10
18    SIP Overload Prevention using Resource Management    Ph.D    Montazerolghaem, Ahmadreza    2015-05-21
19    Energy-efficient VM Scheduling in IaaS cloud    M.Sc.    nadjar, sayyed ali    2015-05-31
20    Thermal-Aware Work-Stealing for Multi-Core Processors    M.Sc.    Valipour-khonakdari, Nasim    2015-06-07
21    : Semantic-enabled interest Mining from Social Networks by modeling topics    Ph.D    Zarrinkalam, Fattane    2015-08-29
22    Improving Stateful Robustness Testing of Embedded Real-Time Operating Systems    M.Sc.    Shahpasand, Raheleh    2015-09-16
23    Virtual sensor management for cost reduction and increase efficiency in sensor-cloud Infrastructure    Ph.D    Banaie Heravan, Fatemeh    2015-09-16
24    Reducing cost of resources by reallocation of unused reserved resources via cloud brokerage    M.Sc.    zanganeh, mahdi    2015-09-20
25    Improving HEFT Algorithm For Scheduling Workflows    M.Sc.    dolkhani, elham    2015-09-20
26    Multi-criteria workflow scheduling on cloud using iterative critical path    Ph.D    khojasteh, ghazaleh    2015-10-31
27    Automated probabilistic-algebraic cryptanalysis of symmetric block ciphers    Ph.D    eskandari, zahra    2015-11-04
28    Scheduling Scientific Workflow Ensembles under Deadline and Budget Constraints in Cloud Computing    M.Sc.    Rezaee, Mahmood    2016-02-03
29    Network-aware energy efficient placement of VMs in IaaS Clouds    M.Sc.    mohammadi, neda    2016-02-22
30    Demand Side Management Controlling with Personalized Pricing and Energy Allocation in the Smat Grid    M.Sc.    Samadi Kouhi, Mikhak    2016-04-16
31    Aggregator-Based Load Scheduling in Smart Grid    Ph.D    MORADI MOGHADAM, SOLMAZ    2016-06-22
32    Generating inverted index files from textual Big Data using Hadoop MapReduce    M.Sc.    Arab, Ahmad    2016-07-10
33    Determination the Optimal Energy-Efficient Operating Points for Phoenix++ Framework    M.Sc.    Shafiei, Homa    2016-07-10
34    Process similarity measuring using Tree similarity    M.Sc.    sakhdari, jalal    2016-07-10
35    An Improved Workflow Scheduling Algorithm for Stream Processing Systems in Heterogenous Clusters    M.Sc.    Firouzi, َAMir    2016-07-11
36    Mining information for solving cold item problem in opinion mining    Ph.D    pourgholamali, fatemeh    2016-07-21
37    Scheduling Hybrid Workflows using Extended Look-Ahead Approach in the Cloud Computing    M.Sc.    nassiri, shahab    2016-09-18
38    A partitioning and Scheduling Algorithm for Static Priority Real-time Tasks on Distributed Multicore Systems    M.Sc.    Hatami, Mojtaba    2016-09-18
39    A Graph-Based Approach for Topology Determination of α-Helices in Cryo-EM Images using Homologous Substructures    Ph.D    behkamal, bahareh    2017-02-26
40    Protein-protein interaction network analysis between host and virus via network topology    Ph.D    khorsand, babak    2017-05-07
41    A predictive model for early detecting acute Leukemia by using features analysis methods    M.Sc.    al mansoori, inas    2017-05-27
42    a heuristic algorithm for Computation Offloading for Workflows in Mobile Devices    M.Sc.    shadi, mahsa    2017-07-08
43    An improved multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for workflow scheduling in cloud by improving the initial population    M.Sc.    Arkan hadi ALezzi, Ali    2017-07-09
44    controlling a mobile robot with an arm and live video via internet using raspberry pi    M.Sc.    JERYO, zaid    2017-07-09
45    A Parallel Algorithm For Protein Sequences Motif Discovery    M.Sc.    Mohammadi, Rahele    2017-07-11
46    A cost-effective scheduling algorithm for workflow ensembles using on-demand and spot instances in clouds    M.Sc.    Zolfaghari, Behrooz    2017-07-11
47    Dynamic Probabilistic-Based Robust Resource Allocation Method in Heterogeneous Computing Systems    Ph.D    Adineh, Hadi    2017-08-06
48    Deadline and Reliability Constrained Workflow Scheduling on the Cloud to minimize cost    Ph.D    Mousavi Nik, Samaneh Sadat    2017-08-07
49    scheduling of Scientific workflow ensembles under budget and deadline constraints in IaaS clouds    Ph.D    morvaridi, anahita    2017-08-07
50    An improved multi-objective PSO algorithm for workflow scheduling in cloud by improving the initial population    M.Sc.    ALBUSHAMKHEE, AMER    2017-08-15
51    Semi-Federated Scheduling of Multiple Periodic Real-time DAGs on Multiprocessor Systems    M.Sc.    Shariati, Masoud    2017-09-06
52    Enhance security in cloud using efficient ciphertext-policy attribute based encryption    M.Sc.    Al - Juaifari, Zahraa Muneer Ahmed    2017-09-24
53    Thread Scheduling on Multi-core Processors to Enhance Energy Delay Product    Ph.D    hajibegloo, mohammad    2017-10-12
54    Intelligent Decision-Making at the Edge of the Networks in an IoT-Based Healthcare System Using Fog Computing    M.Sc.    Hayder, Noor Mueen Mohammed Ali    2017-10-15
55    Develop a cloud-based distance learning management system    M.Sc.    ALGASM, WESAM ALI BAQER    2017-11-06
56    Correlation of security event streams for detecting complex multi-step attacks    Ph.D    Ahmadian Ramaki, Ali    2017-12-21
57    Improving the EPSM workflow scheduling algorithm using partial critical paths    M.Sc.    Obayes, Yahia    2018-01-17
58    Study the behavior of the Earth Dams built in Narrow Valleys (A Case Study of Dahane Dara Dam in Afghanistan)    M.Sc.    Akbarian, Zolfaqar    2019-02-11